28 July 2013

Japanese stoves and bakeries

The Japanese do not typically have ovens in their apartments/homes.

Counter Top Stove

To get baked goods they rely on bakeries. Unlike the states where the sells person stands behind an enclosed counter and choses the item you are pointing to/asking for - The Japanese bakeries have open shelves and bins. They have cafeteria-like trays that the customer put his/her selections on and then pay for them.  They have sweet breads, breads with meat in them, regular bread.  Interesting to note that the Japanese do not eat the ends of sliced bread loves.

Bakery Workers, Oktizu 2002

When you purchase from a store you do not hand the cashier the money. There is a little tray that you put your money in and the cashier takes it from there and puts your change, if any, in the tray.