13 July 2013

July 13 Email Home

I am studying really hard. I am learning a lot. I [practice] teach[ing] about the Gospel and [speaking] Japanese. My companion and I taught about the Plan of Salvation in Japanese. 

I did not know the word for Resurrection (I do now, ふくかつ) so I explained it as such:

"Through Christ, after we die, we can get our bodies back."

I explained those who go to the Celestial Kingdom as such:

"Those who followed Christ will live there."

Last night...during Language Study I worked hard to learn new vocabulary (I used a Ninja (a book that has vocab and sentences to go along with the lessons in Preach My Gospel (PMG)) and two dictionaries, one Japanese and one English to learn words I will need and what type of verb they are, etc. I have never learned vocab so quickly! So take home lesson: Exact obedience (doing what was scheduled to do) and hard work (using learning skills and my full attention to learn the words) helped [me succeed].   

I am going to accompany on the piano an elder in my district for a song he really wants to do...it is fun [to play the piano].