10 July 2013

Breksa Shimai's Mormon.org Profile

Hi I'm Sister Breksa
I am a backpacking enthusiast, a fencer (Epee), a student. 
I'm a Mormon.

About Me
I am a Silver Scout (Venturing-BSA). I am the oldest of four kids and I am attending Brigham Young University (Provo). I aspire to be a professor that specializes in the Italian Renaissance, but we'll see; I've got a long way to go. :) I love cooking, singing, working out, and traveling and meeting new people. I am a pianist. My joy reading is books about leadership, National Geographic, and juvenile historical fiction.

Why I am a Mormon
I am a mormon because I have faith that the gospel is true and honestly the consequences of turning back are quite undesirable. Another reason is integrity is very important to me; I cannot know one thing and do another.

How I live my faith
I seek and study the Scriptures, the words of modern Prophets and personal revelation on how I can become more like Christ, I apply it, and have faith based on pervious experiences that my sources are showingme the right way to become more like Christ.