07 August 2013

Letter Home: The style-challenged Breksa Shimai is improving

"You'll be pleased to know that I always iron the pink, purple and blue shirts that need to be ironed. Also each night I consult the pictures you made  as I pick my outfit [for the next day]. I'm improving."

Before her mission Breksa Shimai was a student - and dressed like one; jeans, T-shirts from one or another camp, hair in a pony-tail, and usually a red rain jacket with a hole burned on the side.

Below are some of the photos of Breksa Shimai's mission wardrobe.  With a little planning and a limited amount of clothing, there were over 60 choices of outfits.

The choices were made and photographed and printed in a sampler format. The intention was to make choosing an outfit as simple as finding the pieces and matching them 'exactly as shown.'  

The scarf on the dark blue shirt is a scarf that Sister Shimai's mother, Sister Hansen, wore on her mission to Illinois. 

The yellow and blue scarf laying across the three shirts on the right - that belong to our dear friend Jean Smith, who passed away last year.  The scarf with the pink shirt was made by Breksa Shimai's Aunt Janet.  It was made by transferring the paterns/colors from men's ties on to the silk skirt using vinegar!

Thrift Town suit! The paper says, "with pearl earrings."