11 September 2013

Letter Home: Bikes, companions and Sacrament Meeting talks

I [have two companions]. One of my companions is from Japan but moved to the states when she was two or so. But her mom spoke to her in Japanese and her parents now live in Japan - not in the mission. This companion is my trainer. She is on her last transfer (her mission is ending soon). She is also the Sister Trainer Leader, which means she has to go to the mission home (in Fukuoka) about once a week.  My other companion was in the same ward as me at BYU!  She is on her second transfer and was my Sister Trainer Leader at the MTC.

My bike is not a mama-chan (a cruiser without gears) bike. Good thing! There are a lot of hills.

I gave a talk [in Sacrament Meeting] yesterday. People liked it and told me they felt the Spirit while I was talking. (Or at least this is what I understood them to be saying!). 
The day before I asked two people who we have been teaching to pray for me. 

Unfortunately they had work Sunday so they could not come to the meeting. One of them sent us a text/email on the phone that she prayed for me. I thanked her and told her how my talk went.