16 September 2013

Letter Home: Food, lessons learned from Scouting, and following the Spirit

The first Sunday of the month the local congregation (ward) puts together a food basket. I mentioned that I liked fruit and they gave us fruit among other things! Also, some really good milk that costs more than we can afford. One sister feeds the missionaries once a month. She feeds us soo much food! The food is really good. I am grateful that she feeds us once a month.

Due to scouting and other opportunities I`ve had, I know how to plan and set goals fairly well. I also have learned (there is always room for improvement) when to step up and step back. Also, how to evaluate and ask questions and listen. These things are all very helpful. But the most helpful thing [in missionary work and life] is following the [promptings of the] Spirit.

I`ve asked questions, said things, and done things that I feel prompted to. This always leads to the best outcome. Plus I do not feel angry or unhappy with myself. I know that I have done the best I can. This brings peace.  For there are so many things we do not know.

For example:

While traveling to places we have the opportunity to talk to people on the way. We take turns leading and consequently who to stop and talk to. I saw two ladies talking to each other. I felt like I should [talk to them]. So I did. Turns out they knew Sister T. and from my understanding had taken some lessons before! We invited them to a concert that the ward is going to have and they said they would come!

Another example:

As missionaries visit recent converts. One such individual is M. She is about 78 years old. On Sunday we greeted people as they came into church. M. came to church. My companions shook her hand but I felt like I should hug her. So I did. I sat next to her during Sacrament Meeting (the last hour of the three hours of church). Afterwards she thanked me for hugging her- it made her feel good inside. And hugged me good-bye!