18 September 2013

Letter Home: A letter to her youngest brother

How are you? 

Mom sent me the school day schedule. How is school?  I have a study schedule as well.

6:30 am Wake up

30 min of exercise

Get ready, eat

8 am Personal prayers

8:15 Personal study - I read the scriptures and 'Preach My Gospel' [the missionary training guide]

9 am  Companionship study - We talk about what we learned during personal study, plan the day's lessons [we are going to teach others] and we review the mission rules.  [The mission rules are in a pocket-sized booklet with a white cover and is referred to as 'the white handbook']

More training

11 am 45 minutes studying Japanese

Prepare lunch, eat

1 pm Out the door

However, this study schedule can be interrupted with appointments, district meetings, and church meetings.

By following the white handbook we are protected and safe. Just like with the commandments. SO it is important to study the commandments, rules, etc. and to study them to remember [and do them].