27 November 2013

Letter Home: Biking 20 minutes to eat an American breakfast

On the way there we go through a long tunnel. Because the sounds of the cards speeding by are loud I sang out loud, "there is beauty all around, when there's love at home"*  somewhat breathlessly. [Sister Breksa loves to sing and has a very nice soprano voice.]  Then we crossed a bridge. It smelled like home - cold ocean water. Then near the end of the bridge it smelled like campfires. I love both of those smells.  I like that bridge.

This was no ordinary breakfast. Unlike my previous area we ate food from America and shared stories in English! I had American milk (Japanese milk is different), frozen blueberries and strawberries (which I've been craving), eggs, and sausages and waffles. Haven't had those for a while. Its the best.

I love it here in Japan!  I am so glad that I have this opportunity to serve the Lord as He needs me.

*These are from the LDS Hymn "Love at Home."  On occasion Sister Breksa's mom would sing this when her children would fight. It wasn't the message of the hymn that had an effect, rather if they wanted their mom to stop signing, they'd have to stop fighting.