31 March 2014

Q & A

1. How is your new area? 
Can I get back to you on this question? I just got here!!

2. How did you get there?  
Train. Bullet train. Bus. Car.

3.What was church like for the first time in your new area?  
It was great! Saturday night I got a call from a leader in the ward. He wanted me to talk about a missionary experience I’ve participated in. So I did. For the third hour we had a combined Relief Society and Priesthood class on missionary work! It was great.
The person I invited to come to church on Friday came for the first hour- Sacrament. 
Because we had the Relief Society foundation activity on Friday night, I was sure to greet the sisters that I met that evening by their name at church. I learned that a sister S. went to the same ward I served in Okinawa when she was a young girl!!!!