29 March 2014

Letter Home: About a wonderful young mother

3 weeks ago or so Sis. J. and I were finding people and we stopped this one young mother and her daughter.  The mother was not interested - as such I asked if her daughter liked stickers and commenced to talk about eternal families as her daughter picked out stickers she liked.  This lead to her committing to read 2 Nephi 31. She joyfully accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon. She wasn't sure when she could meet so we got her phone number and learned that Sunday was the best time to call.

On Sunday we called. I asked her how her daughter was doing. She was happy that I remembered her daughter's name. We set an appointment for the next Sunday.  As custom for me, I asked her if she needed any help with anything. She then informed me that she read the section we gave her, but she did not understand it.  I responded, "Let's learn together."

Yesterday we had the lesson we explained how we lived with Heavenly Father before we were born, why were are here on earth and that here on earth we can be sealed to our families so that when we leave this earth…we will be with them forever.  We also talked together about the priesthood, prophets, the Atonement, the Book of Mormon, Bible, Joseph Smith, and God. 

I invited her to church for the next Sunday and to have another lesson during the 2nd hour (Mormon's Sunday meetings are 3 hours long), she said yes.  I invited her to be baptized if she found this to be true. She said, "if it was true, yes."