18 March 2014

Letter Home: Japanese Class

We had our 3rd Japanese conversation class this week.  The ward is getting excited about it. Of course, I remind the members at the church, commit them to come (with friends) and it is a quality program.

We review with a game I made up and learn vocabulary (5-6 words). I’ve decided that the best way for them to learn these words is through using the Japanese word in an English sentence or giving them hints and having them guess the equivalent English word. We teach phrases unique to Japan, Japanese grammar, and conversation.

Sister J and I do the conversation and then I have the class translate it – guiding them.  We are sure to make the conversation in such a way that they learn and understand. Oh, they also tke turns practicing the conversation with different people in the class (each lesson has a theme).

It is so fun. I love it!  I think the members are excited because they can see the progress the students are making. I often remind them of the class and I’m excited, or they just feel great pity and come. Either way, it is fun.