10 March 2014

Letter Home: Q & A

Q.  What did you learn in your zone training last week?

A.   The importance of using personal experiences. I do this when finding. I state testimony. Say the way I know The Book of Mormon to be true and invite them to try it out for themselves. Although not stated in the talks, I wrote down: The Lords' work will move forward in His own power (see: 1 Nephi 13:34). He is providing me the opportunity to grow, learn, stretch my abilities, enlarge my soul and sing praises of His redeeming love (Alma 5 9). There are people prepared.

Q.  Have you been able to sing a solo or with others?  Do they know you have vocal talent?

A.   Not yet, but I do sing while I ride my bike. Did so this Friday in fact, as I biked to A’s house for a lesson. I bellowed it out. I figured the speeding cars would cover my singing. I just asked my companion. Unfortunately, she can hear me...

Q.  What is something beautiful you've seen this week?

A.   The ocean.

Q.   What do you say when you meet someone?

A.  Konnichiwa

Q.   Do the houses still have the little intercoms instead of door bells?

A.  Yep. I have invited someone to Baptized through one.