26 March 2014

Letter Home: Q & A

Q.  What is the first thing you think of in the morning?

A.  “Today is a great day!  I get to do these things (what needs to be done to accomplish the things we need to do).”
Q. What keeps you motivated?

A. Whenever I see a lady I think, “She wants to talk to me.”  I think of what she needs.  I choose to be excited and to look forward to talking to people, to having lessons.  This is the Lord’s work. It will go on with out me. I need not fear as I rely on the Lord. Happiness comes from being obedient and turning outwards.

Q. What service has your companion done for you this week?

A. She listened and thought about how I could better communicate to someone I am working with.

Q. How do you create unity in your companionship?

A. Sister J. says, “by listening, by working through the Spirit, being open-minded, service, constantly working to improve.”  I say, “working on delivery with out giving advice, think of my companion’s needs and seek to fulfill those needs.”