06 March 2014

Letter Home: Two accounts of hearts softening

from a comic strip drawn by an elder serving in the same city as Sister Breksa
I have had the opportunity to watch hearts soften.  When meeting people we started talking to this one lady. She was not interested. As I explained who were, our purpose and why we were there she became more interested and had a desire to read the Book of Mormon.

Our appointment with her was on Friday. It was snowing and we came on bikes. I don't know how righteous this is, but the song “Staying alive, staying alive…” kept going through my mind. 

I love it here.

When we were going door to door we were able to talk to this one lady. At first she was closed, but as I asked her questions I felt prompted to ask, she began to be open to what we were saying. We testified of prayer and explained how to pray, and asked questions, and listened. “How do you feel now?” I asked.  “That if I were to pray it would be a good thing,” she responded with some thought.  She committed to pray. 

Last Sunday another lady came to church with us for the fist time.