21 April 2014

Email Home: Easter

Breksa Family Photo


On Easter we boiled some eggs and put candy in plastic eggs for our children’s English conversation class.

We also made “Thumb Bunny Loves You” craft. Making a thumbprint and then drawing on ears, etc.

We then had a lesson with a less active.  And waited at the church for a bit for our first real lesson, watching Finding Faith in Christ, with a family we found while housing. The family did not come.

We had a Family Home Evening activity at the church, in which a member shared an article about following Thomas S. Monson's example. The article was from the Liahona. We took turns reading from the article and people were impressed with my ability to read the kanji. But they are probably just being nice. People still laugh at my Japanese!!  I bring people joy. We then played Ping-Pong. First single and then doubles. I made everyone laugh often. Almost got one of the Elders really good in the head once.