18 April 2014

Letter Home: Dated 7 April 2014

I am doing great!  I am at this moment waiting to use a computer to email you guys. It was about an hour trolley ride to get here.

I love Taniyama! Sunday-yesterday-we had Fast and Testimony Meeting. Some one we are teaching came for her first time!  We invited her to come last week on Saturday.  She called a member or c-mailed, or something and said that she was coming and that Sunday morning the member called us to let us know. The members bore their testimonies about Joseph Smith, the Plan of Salvation, Baptism, the Book of Mormon, Temples, and receiving revelation. All of which we have not yet taught her – but I think she felt the Spirit. She seemed very happy.

Oh, after church we sang the 1st verse of Called to Serve to a young man who is leaving for his mission this month to Kobe. I thought – “what did I do right before my mission?”  I spent time with family, filled out a last minute scholarship application, and went to the temple. Sounds like me…

Well, I’m learning a lot but I have much more to learn.

Remember: God loves all His children.