27 April 2014

Letter Home: Dated April 14, 2014

Yesterday my companion and I went to the chapel to watch the Sunday Session of General Conference. We biked to the closest trolley station in the rain. Took 2 trolleys and rode with a member up the huge hill, jokingly referred to as The Hill of Faith. General Conference seemed so short! Luckily we were able to watch it in English with some other missionaries upstairs while the conference was shown downstairs in Japanese. 

On one of the trolley rides I felt prompted to study my Japanese flash cards, so I did. I then felt like I should approach this lady and ask her questions about Japanese. I got up from my seat, walked over to her and sat down right next to her. I asked her if I could ask her a question. She nodded happily. She answered my question. I had another one. We were talking, but it was approaching our stop. We said good bye. She seemed very happy. The people on the trolley were listening and watching.