26 May 2014

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This week was a great week!

Monday we had a lesson with a sister who is becoming more active. It is good that we go and talk with her.

Tuesday we weeded. It was pouring. The member lived far way. We went up many, many hills. Changed into jeans, weeded. We spent three hours or so weeding and luckily, the rain stopped when we got to her house to weed! After weeding and dirty from the mud, we shared a small message in her genkan (a small entry way into a Japanese homethis is where you take off your shoes and leave them). We then raced back home to make it in time. And it did not really rain coming back! J

On Wednesday while my companion was teaching with someone who is going to be leaving on a mission next month, Sister B. and I went with the elders to a college. There we surveyed, we cannot actively proselyte or wear our nametags but I asked the following questions and asked the students if the would be interested in learning more.

1. What is the most important thing to you right now?
2. Do you believe God exists?
3. If you could ask God anything, what would you ask?

We also told them about 英会話.  We have an appointment for this coming Wednesday; Sister B. talked to someone who wanted to learn more.

Thursday night we went to two apartments we set appointments for the previous week. Not interested anymore.

On Friday we visited Sister K. She is from Utah and her husband had a stroke. Brother K. is still in a coma but they were able to go home Sunday. She was happy that we came.

On Saturday, in the morning, I taught the Kids 英会話 class. Six young kids came! Japanese kids are crazy!!!!!!!!  Also, we were able to meet and set an appointment for tonight with Brother E. He is a Christian.