05 May 2014

A Mormon Pioneer Ancestor of Sister Breksa

Harriet Atwood Silver Dunn

1818 Vermont -1858 Utah

Before Marriage And Motherhood

-She was one of 10 children – the second child & the oldest daughter.

-In 1842 (she was 24) she, along with three of her friends, were baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

-She alone headed to Nauvoo. Her friends sailed on The Brooklyn and later reached Utah.

Marriage & Motherhood
At Winter Quarters she met Simeon Adams Dunn (15 years older), a widower twice over with 4 young children. Simeon also had one married daughter. They were married by Brigham Young on 3 January 1847.

Harriet had 7 children of her own, including 2 sets of twins, in about 8 years.

Sarah Sophia          1849-1923
Simeon Adams      1851-1935
Emeline Silver       1853-1914
Eveline Silver         1853-1919
(Sister Breksa’s great-great-great grandmother)
Charles Oscar         1855-1939
Henry Silver            1857-1858  
Harriet Silver          1857-1858

Beginnings of Pioneer Life

- Had a baby soon after arriving in Salt Lake City

-     Simeon cut down trees and used the trunks for the house and the smaller branches for furniture

-     They had one large room, a fireplace, dirt floor and a roof.

-     Harriet washed the floor until it became like flint

-     Not enough food to eat – Corn cakes and soup

-     Simeon had planted the seeds he brought with him on the journey

-     Gave birth to twins during a rainstorm and the roof leakedwomen had to hold pans over her so she wouldn’t get wet

-     Soon the farm was doing well and they could have all they wanted to eat

Harriet’s Talents And Character

-She took the flax left over from Simeon’s broom making, and wove it into dresses, shirts and pants. She dyed them with weeds

-She made sheets and blankets

-When Simeon was called on a 2 year mission to the South Sea Islands – she had to run the farm and she made money by making brooms and weaving chair bottoms with rushes

“She was a loving and kind mother to her own children and to those of her husband.”

“Industrious woman and hardworking.”

-She took in an orphaned boy

Harriet’s Death
In the exodus south to avoid the soldiers, Harriet died giving birth to her second set of twins.  The boy was buried next to her. The girl died farther into the journey. Harriet was 40 years old.