23 May 2014

Letter Home

Yesterday my companions and I went to a city north and higher up from where we live. We followed a river for about 80% of the way. It was beautiful. The weather was cool, the sun hidden by clouds but its rays still pierced through lighting the water and green hills.  I really have the best mission.

The city is a missionary’s dream – the houses had addresses!!! Which made finding people we came to visit much smoother & the people were so nice.

We knocked at this one door. After stating who we were she closed the door on me.  I wanted to know if the person we came to visit lived there. So I knocked again.  This time a man came to the door. “Does __________ live here?” I asked.  He said, “Just a moment”

He came back and informed us that the person did not live anywhere in this area. He just recently moved into this apartment. I then asked if he knew where the person went to. “Just a moment,” he replied. He came back with a map. He drew showing us how to get to a police box. He informed us that they would probably know.

He didn’t believe in Christ.

We ate dinner at an Italian place where for a set price you can have as many pizzas/pasta/pancake plus the buffet. I had 3 pizzas. So yummy. Plus some Japanese green thing that a man I asked at the buffet said was yummy. He poured some sauce on it. It was yummy. I informed him as such after I tried it. I still don’t know what it was.