18 May 2014

Sisterhood in the LDS church

     Thoughts and experiences about the wonderful relationships between women in The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saintswe do call each other Sister.

     “For me, the sisterhood within the church has been so inspiring. I didn't know people could still treat each other like family without the family ties or without even knowing each other a long time. 
     "The fact that such love exists between women without having to know each other all that well is incredibly powerful. Just knowing that we're all coming from that same place of being human, and of being a woman with a righteous heart is enough to bond us for life, even for eternity. I think it's the most powerful love of all; to sisters it doesn't matter who you are, we're all the same deep down and as sisters that's the mentality that were all similarly embracing. 
     "In sisterhood, women don't care about differences, it's just about love and forgiveness and compassion and empathy acknowledging that we're all not perfect and we're all going through this difficult human experience, yet with each other it becomes so much easier and the help and love we compassionately extend to each other can transform our experience here on earth and make it into so much more than it could ever be without each other. 
   "We make each other and we change each other's lives in the most dramatic and wonderful ways.”
     “I think an example of sisterhood is going to visit teach someone because you are assign to her and then discovering her as a friend for life!”

     “Well, I don't have any sisters so over my lifetime in the church, 40+ years, I have come to appreciate the love and sisterhood I have felt from my church sisters.  As a young convert, there were many women older and younger than I who helped me as I worked through gaining a testimony.  Others provided a listening and compassionate ear as we were raising children.  And now, I am enjoying the sisterhood of a fabulous group of Young Single Adult women who accept and love me even though there is a significant age difference.  I am not sure what I would have done in my life without the sisterhood of the women of the church.”