24 June 2014

Email Home: Conducting, singing, and playing

This Saturday I taught Children`s 英会話 and we had District Conference.

We went a little early to the conference so that Sister B. could practice the music she would be playing on Sunday. The music arrived about 10 min before 4pm- at which we were to practice with the Taniyama choir for our piece that evening. So I offered to play it.

For the Taniyama branch`s performance that evening, I was going to conduct, Sister B. play the piano, and Sister C. sing but two sopranos could not sing due to being unwell. 

So I sang soprano and someone else conducted.

Then right before the meeting started I was asked to sing with seven other missionaries. OK! (We sang a capella - 2 missionaries for each part.)

At the conclusion of the meeting, I learned that I would not have to play the piece the next day- (on Friday their original player found out they could not make it and then they asked Sister B., but she did not think she could do it, so I offered, but then another individual asked a member who said yes. Better a member than a missionary serving in another branch, was my thought.) OK! Up to do whatever.

Sunday for district conference was awesome! Miyazaki is in the same district as Taniyama so I got to meet up with some members from the Miyazaki branch!