20 June 2014

Letter Home: Dated 9 June 2014

On Tuesday, after District Meeting, we raced to a college for an appointment with a girl we met while doing a survey. We are not allowed to actively proselyte on the college campus but we can (without wearing name tags) ask passing students questions - ask if they would want to learn more set an appointment if they want get contact info and if they are interested or not, invite them to church and give them our contact information.

My questions were:

1. What is the most important thing in your life right now?

2. Do you believe that God exists?

3. If you believe he exists and you could ask Him anything, what would you ask Him?

We explained our purpose, found out more why she wanted to meet, and testified and explained about God, prayer and invited her to pray. She was not interested in changing her life. We left the ball in her court, giving her the Lesson 1 pamphlet, invited her to read The Book of Mormon, which she declined, told her about videos about Christ on Mormon.org/jpn, and invited her to contact us.

The next day we had a lesson with another girl we met at the college campus. We are going to meet again this week. She wants to learn. She is excited and enthusiastically accepted The Book of Mormon.

I love being a missionary!