21 August 2014

Email Home: 17 August 2014

Taught a lesson to and played catch with a young man we found housing the first week I was here. 

Explained the Holy Ghost to a man who just had beer.....

Taught our investigator and his two friends who he invited. We taught God’s purpose for man, the Atonement and the Restoration.

Made cookies to give to a member to give to a friend when she invited the friend to an open house.  We were hoping to catch families before they go to the big 花火(fireworks) so we housed in the evening and had dinner around 8pm, at which a member of the church tells me how Japanese 花火 are the best.

Learned about 天皇 at 英会話 from もりさん。 

Followed the Spirit and found two new investigators and answered their questions.