25 August 2014

Email Home: 24 August 2014

This Week's Highlights

My companion was sick this week but is getting better. So we were in Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday. 

Extended an invitation to a gentleman we are teaching to be baptized and set an appointment to meet the next day.

It was Sister P.’s B-day and people liked the rice cooker cake that I made. She had no idea that I made it.) 

I ate ice cream, and the wind blew the quickly melting chocolate bar all over in me in spots. We waited for two investigators who did not come. 

I washed dishes at a Bakery and got some of the day`s left over bread!  I ate ice cream. 

Inside again. I studied the Gospel.

We put the bread we got to good use. 
We were planning to leave some of the bread at an investigators door. We had just recently started to meet him twice a week. However, in scheduling our next appointment he said he was a little tried from all this studying. So we decided to have him contact us about meeting. We did not meet this week. What better way to remind him of us then through leaving bread and a nice note at his door?

While going to his house we were talking to people on the way and met this one lady. When asked if she believed in God she said, "No." We said there was a god and invited her to church. We gave her the bread we were carrying and our number that was written on the “I`m a Mormon pamphlet." While talking she seemed relived to have someone to talk to.  

Afterwards we went back home and got more bread to give to our investigator and returned to his home and left it for him.

He sent us an email that night thanking us and proposing a time to meet again to study.