23 November 2014

Email Home: 23 November 2014

This week. 

Busy as ever. 

Did a lot of work, following the spirit. I am tired. 

My companion and I left early Friday morning and worked in Iwakuni advertising Iwakuni & Yanai congregation open house.

Saturday night we had the Open House.
30 visitors came. I was surprised, members of the church there remembered me.

E. came and said the opening prayer (he came because the sister who invited him said I would be there). I was so happy.

That day I set up three appointments.  1. A man who we taught in Hatsukaichi but lives in Iwakuni, so we referred him to the Iwakuni sisters, 2. A family we met when housing, 3. And three girls who came to the open house (we had invited them to the open house the night before). 

It was a great success. I was so happy to be in Iwakuni. The once hard hill to Arashima was surprisingly easy. Anyways, it was great.

That Sunday night we played Jeopardy with our three new converts, O., T., and M. It was fun. I am going to miss O. and T.