10 October 2014

Typhoon Preparation

Email from The Mission President, dated 10 October 2014:

Dear Parents of the Japan Fukuoka Mission Missionaries,

As you may have heard, there is a Typhoon of considerable size coming to Japan. The Japan Fukuoka Mission has an Emergency Plan and we made sure each area and companionship had a 72-hour emergency kit with water, food and flashlights with extra batteries. They were instructed to stay indoors and we will keep them updated daily if needed. All the emergency precautions took place and all the missionaries are safe. We will notify you again when the Typhoon is past. We appreciate your son/daughter work in the mission and pray for their protection. Thank you for your concern and prayers.

From Sister Breksa:

This Monday due to the incoming Typhoon I will be unable to do email. However, Preparation-day has been moved to Tuesday and I will be able to do email then.

I will be safe.