15 November 2014

Japan: Rice

Rice is Japan's most important crop, and has been cultivated across the country for over 2000 years. It is the primary staple food of the Japanese diet and of such fundamental importance to the Japanese culture that it was once used as currency, and the word for cooked rice (gohan) has become synonymous with the general meaning of "meal".

Rice Manners
Pick up your rice bowl with your hand while eating from it.

It is considered polite to finish every grain of rice that you have been served.

It is not common to pour soy sauce directly over rice.

Do not leave your chopsticks standing up vertically in your rice. This is done at funerals.

Rice fields
Rice fields are a common sight in the Japanese countryside and an image of nostalgia for many people. The fields start as flooded patties in the early summer and turn into seas of green and gold waves as the rice grows and matures through the season. The crop of rice is then usually harvested in the fall, although some southern regions may plant more than one crop per year.

Text: http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2043.html