25 November 2013

Letter Home: Photos

This is the funky hat she wears when she exercises in the cool mornings.

Sister Breksa said this picture was taken at a baptism.  
We are hoping for more details in a letter...soon.

Must be Preparation Day!

Preparation Day is the one day a week missionaries have to do laundry, sight see, write letters/emails, and shop. The day ends with a meeting with the group of local missionaries - that group is called a District. Elders are called to be a District Leaders.
After that early evening meeting, their missionary work begins again. Missionary work includes service, study, finding people who want to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Missionaries have been known to work 70+ hours a week.  They work this hard because they know living the Gospel brings peace and eternal joy. They want  to share understanding and teach how to live the Gospel. 

Peace and eternal joy are too good not to share!