13 July 2014

Email Home: 13 July 2014

The work is moving forward!!

On Saturday we had a lesson with _________ who came to the open house last week and then church the following Sunday with her mother and two brothers. She is 15.

At the open house Sister B. and C. gave a tour, Elder B. and Elder C. gave a tour and I gave a tour. A family and their member friend, and one other nonmember were in my tour group.

As I was tour three I had to wait for the different rooms. While waiting I asked random questions, like what is the strangest food you have eaten and what do you want to become. The young woman wants to become a baker. She loves baking. The family was really interested in the Young Men and Young Women’s program and Temples. On Sunday Sister C. and I went to Young Women’s with her and we scheduled an appointment for the following Saturday.   

With the member friend we made a third of the chocolate cake (containers and time) that you guys sent me. And then talked about the life of Christ, reading from Mosiah 3 using the picture book. We asked if she would like to be baptized. She said yes, but we did not schedule a date.

When she came to church and to the open house she thought that this must be a good place. We plan to met this coming Saturday, I talked to her mother at church and she may come at that time as well.

Then we got ready for our next lesson. We watched Finding Faith in Christ and set a Baptism date for Aug. 2nd.

On Friday we went to a place called ほしがみね. One of the individuals we talked to brought great joy as we talked. She believes in God since she was a child and talks to God before she goes to sleep. We talked about Prayer and scheduled to meet next week.

Afterwards we housed. Met a family and scheduled to meet again.