25 July 2014

Tokyo Subway!


The Tokyo Subway system has been color coded to make it easier to follow.  To see what means what, check out the official Tokyo subway line web page

 For how to buy tickets and board the subway, use this web page:

> It is a fact; passengers during rush hours are packed into the trains actually shoved in by subway employees.  

Other facts:

> There are pink carsfemales only, this is due to inappropriate and unwanted behavior of male passengers towords female passengers.

> Passengers are very quietverymaybe because they are either sleeping, using their electronic devises, or reading newspapers.

> Passengers who do sleep, do so until it is their stop and then they wake up and disembark, like they were paying close attention to the routeit is amazing!

> The cars’ seats are benches that face each other, they are not in rows. 

> The subway stations, bathrooms, and cars are clean.

> The ticket agents wear uniforms.

> There are special courtesies and etiquette while traveling on Tokyo subways.

Such as  

It is important to pay special attention to the health and well-being of expectant mothers and their children even during the initial stages of pregnancy when fetal development is less noticeable. We offer a "Maternity Mark" keychain to expectant or nursing mothers at the offices of each Tokyo Metro station. If you see a mother wearing this mark within the station or on a train, we sincerely ask for your consideration.”