31 August 2014

Email Home: 31 August 2014

Highlights From This Week

Monday - got stuck on train tracks- but I made it

Tuesday -  Felt like I should go to a certain place. Did so. Found two new people who want to know more about the Gospel

Wednesday - Because no one was home in the apartment building we were knocking on doors, floor after floor, I asked in a silent prayer, “is this the right place?”. Warm feeling in my heart. Third to last door on the last floor, we found someone who wants to learn more. We were supposed to talk to him. 

Thursday - biked from one end to the other end of town

Friday - Secretly dropped of a thank you note for a member and talked to a less active member’s wife through the phone box thing. I felt the spirit as a member couple bore their testimony about eternal families in our lesson with them with our investigator later that evening. It was awesome. 

Saturday - Teaching a lesson with a young man, who invited a young man over to hear the lesson with him. We had planned an activity at the church that evening and I felt impressed to invite him to it. He came. We are scheduled to meet on Wednesday. He does not believe in God but asked us to teach him. We will probably refer him to the elders. He is 21. 

Sunday - Prayed about where to go for this coming week