04 August 2014

Email Home: 4 August 2014

Sunday was a great day in my new area! 

Each time I met someone I would write their name down in my planner. And when I saw them again I would try to guess their name correctly. If I could not remember I would ask them to say their name again.

This led to a possible service opportunity. 

I greeted a man before church. At the end of church I saw him and greeted him by name. This got us talking from his time in America and he asked me what my favorite Japanese food was and prepared to write it down. When I said お好み焼き (Japanese pancake) he wrote it down happily. Apparently his wife is famous for her お好み焼き. He offered for my companion and I to come over and have dinner and a lesson with some one we are teaching.

When I asked how we could serve him. He would be happy if we could come over and share a message about family.  He said he would talk to his wife and call us to set up a time that we can come over.