24 September 2014

Email Home: 22 September 2014

Last Sunday

I love the ward here. I can make the members laugh, which makes me happy.

After church and our missionary coordination meeting we raced home, quickly made and ate yakisoba and raced to our lesson.

The man we are teaching, his younger sister was there so we could enter his home and he had bought mogicha 
as we could not drink the beverages- tea, coffee, he offered at another meeting. It was great. At first he explained, he did not have any interest in religion but two beautiful girls came to his door. He noticed that our hearts were pure. He has really read the Book of Mormon. He is interested in Baptism to become clean, but not so much in following all the rules. So we set a date and explained that we are going to have lessons to explain everything. He is planning to come to church this Sunday.