18 September 2014

Sister Breksa: Eternal Families

Logan, Utah Temple

Sister Breksa's Great-great-grandparents, Lewis Hunsaker and his wife Sara Ellen Warner, spent many years serving in the Logan Temple. They were sealed for time and all eternity and then provided that opportunity to their ancestors.  Couples are, through sacred priesthood ordinances, bound together in marriage…not 'until death do us part,' but for eternity. This work must be done in temples, for they are the most sacred places. 

Death does not stop relationships!  Death does not quickly end love! 

That covenant, the binding of families is what 'sealed' means. Couples are sealed and their children are sealed to them.  So, brothers and sisters, cousins….2nd cousins…it goes on and on. 

Sister Breksa is linked to her thousands of her family members from different lands and times. When Sister Breksa is sealed in a temple and has childrenher children and husband are folded into this eternal family.  A magnificent plan! A Glorious opportunity…and that opportunity continues to be provided to millions as more and more temples are constructed.

There are currently 140 temples that members used for this sacred and wondrous work.  Here is a link for temples currently under construction. LINK