09 September 2014

Email Home: 7 September 2014

Tuesday was an awesome day!

We had a lesson with a young man with the elders, he is in his 20s. We meet him last week with our lesson with his friend. We set a Baptism date with him for next month. We also established the role of missionaries very well. He expects us to teach him and guide him. (On the way to lunch he asked us to teach him while we were going and asked if we should start with a prayer before eating) He does not believe in God right now, but if it was true he would like to be Baptized. The elders are now teaching him.

After lunch we did some weeding for member. Then rushed to our next lesson appointment. Not there, so we ate the ice cream we bought to share with her. Then I said, lets find someone to teach. We did. We are scheduled to meet with her this week. 

After talking to her we rushed to another appointment. Taught him with the elders. The spirit was so strong. He read to 1Nephi 13 from last week when we first met him and wants to know if there is a God.  

Then we were a little late to a family Home activity with a member family. He loved our lesson on how to strengthen our family bonds. He said from now on, as a family he would pray and read the scriptures everyday. I explained that I knew it could be hard to find the time in which everyone is together and shared the example of how our family used to wake up to pray together and have scripture study and then go back to bed when dad went to work! Then my companion and I raced home. (I love riding my bike as fast as possible at night J