14 September 2013

Breksa Shimai

 Sister Breksa's Mormon Profile Picture.    http://mormon.org/people/find

From the ages of 11 - 18 Sister Breksa participated in leadership experiences and training.  A few years in a program called White Stag and 4 years in the Boy Scouts of America as a Venturer.  In this her senior picture you can see her scarf from the World Scout Jamboree, her Religious Square Knot.  Also attached to the uniform is her Venturing award. She completed both youth training (National Youth Leadership Training) and adult training (Wood Badge for the 20th Century). She served as youth staff of several scouting programs.

Her parents believe very strongly that the best education a child can have is to be a leader - a leader in groups, family, and in their own lives.

Her family can see the preparation these experiences and training are to her service as a missionary.