09 September 2013

Letter Home: On her first week in Okinawa

I lead talking about and giving a Book of Mormon yesterday to a young woman we met on the street as we were going to visit [another person interested in our message].

On Tuesday [morning when we planed what we were going to do that day] I felt like we should [go door-to-door in] a certain area. We did.

Afterwards I felt like we accomplished what we needed to accomplish, but did not know what. I felt good about what we did. Wednesday night a man called and said that he read the flier we had placed in his mailbox and we scheduled an appointment the next day.

This lesson went really well. We asked him if this message was true, would he get baptized? He said yes.  We scheduled an appointment of which he dropped. We planned to visit him at his place the next day. We called and said we would be at his place around 6:30. We got there around 6:40. But he was not there. We left notes and have yet been able to reach him. We will see how this goes.